Amsterdam-based artist Cil Laurens creates detailed works on wood with beautiful lines by working with millimeter thin ink pens. This way she fills her art with graphic patterns.

In her work, Cil Laurens portrays mysterious women, mainly with their eyes closed or covered. She playes with the characteristic of people to feel and experience and listen in a pure way to their inner self. 

„Her work is a heady mix of feminine, dark, intriguing and alluring.” 

While her style is precise and to the point, artist Cil Laurens loves duality; she ever embraces the two sides to every story. She worked on an art commission for “H&M’s Conscious Line”, she studied Graphic Design at the School for Fine Arts in Kampen and later photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. 

Both have led her to create whimsical yet clear representation of her elusive world.





1995 - 2000 

Art Academy Constantijn Huygens, Kampen

Graphic Design


2003 - 2004

Royal Academy of fine Arts, The Hague






By appointment:

If you are interested to visit my artist studio in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

please feel free to fill out the contact form, 

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Area of expertise:


Fine art









H&M Conscious

Absolut Vodca

Gategroup / Harmony on Board
UE ROLL / Ultimate Ears

TedX Amsterdam

Southern Comfort

Cortina fietsen

The house of Books

Chicago Social Club

Prestage Magazine

Lion Noir







2019- Photography for LPRD / Studio Frowijn woman's cycling sportswear collection

2019- Cafe Bern, Amsterdam, solo show, "The wondering road"

2018-JUNE 2019 - Eichholtz, photography studio assistant - fulltime


2018- Pension Homeland, Amsterdam, solo show, "The wonders of my mind"

2018- Pension Homeland, Marineterrein Amsterdam, NL, window drawing design

2018- Open Ateliers Amsterdam, Exhibition Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, NL

2018- Artplein Spui, Sunday market, art market, Spui Amsterdam, NL, every sunday till august


2017- Burke Arts, Morganton, North Carolina, USA, Group Show, the woodworkers show
2017- Gategroup / Harmony on Board- Hamburg Messe, Drawing live drawings for Gategroup Clients
2017- Artplein Spui, Sunday market, art market, Spui Amsterdam, NL, every week

2016- Pllek, NDSM WERF, Amsterdam, NL, Solo Show

2016- The Thinking Hut, Amsterdam, NL, Solo Show

2016- Sissy Boy Market, Vondelpark, Amsterdam, NL, Group Show in open Air.


2015- UE Boom, UE Roll/ Cortina Bike launch new UE Roll, de Waterkant, NL,  live painting bike 

2015- Creating new Artworks, Represented by Gallery in London, UK


2014- Next Gallery, Group Show ‘Woman’, Rotterdam, NL

2014- Atomica Gallery, London, Group Show

2014- H&M Conscious Line, the Netherlands, Launch new collection artwork design 

2014- Roest, Amsterdam Roest, Solo Show

2014- Lion Noir Restaurant, the Netherlands, logo design Lion Noir, Diner menu logo & Sweater print design

2014- Kantor Exhibition, the Netherlands - Group show

2014- Painting shop window for concept store HOME IS,  Amsterdam


2013- Glossybox, design for cover Glossybox NL 

2013- The Collector, Exhibiting original works, The Collector - Amsterdam

2013- Kerst Brocante Markt, by SISSY-BOY, One Day Christmas Market, Amstelkerk & Amstelveld, Amsterdam

2013- TROUW Amsterdam, HTNK OneDayShop, One day Exhibit, 

2013- PUPMAG, Interview in Magazine

2013- KANTOR, represented by PUP Creative Agency, Amsterdam - group show

2013- Glossybox design sleeve, Design cover GlossyMAG and cover story in GlossyMAG, September issue

2013- Modefabriek, HTNK Story Store ,  Amsterdam Rai, summer edition

2013- HTNK OneDayShop, Trouw - Amsterdam

2013- Hutspot Gallery, Pup Gallery, Group show, April-June, - Amsterdam

2013- Conservatorium hotel, Group exhibit, June, Amsterdam Rhubarb week

2013- Gallery Pouleouff  - Naarden Vesting, Group show

2013- 1000 Drawings, Flemish Art Centre De Brakke Grond - Amsterdam

2013- Modefabriek: HTNK OneDayShop -Amsterdam Rai, winter edition


2012- WALLS gallery, Amsterdam - Group Show, ‘Identity’ , 

2012- Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

2012- WALLS gallery, Amsterdam - Group Show, ‘Keep on Dreaming’ , 

2012- No Man’s Art Gallery, Copenhagen - Group show

2012- Baas PR office, Wallpainting office Amsterdam 

2012- Nuit Blanche, Amsterdam - Group show

2012- HTNK OneDayShop in Amsterdam - Group show

2012- Prestage magazine - Publication

2012- WALLS gallery, Amsterdam - Group Show, ‘Artistic Affairs’ 

2012- Modefabriek, Amsterdam Rai, HTNK stand, Exhibit

2012- I love illustration - Publication on the website


2011- WeAreVoid Gallery, Group show, Opening show, Amsterdam

2011- Wallpainting, Bar 22, Amsterdam

2011- Wallpainting at Café Helden, in collaboration with Absolut Vodka, Amsterdam

2011- Exhibition in Hotel Arena, Abudanz, Amsterdam

2011- Abudanz, donated an artwork for fundraiser, Amsterdam

2011- Wallpainting at Regional Archive, Alkmaar